Raised in the east, matured in the west, I bring a perspective that is at once cosmopolitan and country. I have a degree in history, I was a carpenter before getting my masters in filmmaking. I explore, I experiment, I learn, and then I tell stories. I love old houses, dogs, and growing tomatoes.

As a director I work with actors to find the performance that can say everything in just a look. I have an eye for stunning shots that serve economic yet poetic story telling. Both a team leader, and a team member, I’m confident in my vision, but willing to talk about it. I’m quick with a clever solution to creative challenges or the inevitable hiccups that come with any production.

As an award winning writer/director, with extensive experience in project management and production, I can jump in at any point in your project, from helping you craft your message to putting the right team together to deliver a finished product on time and on budget.


Renwood Winery: Worked with the client to clarify what they wanted to say, and how they wanted to say it. Shot b-roll for a day on the grounds, but hired a cinematographer and sound recorder for the interview day, so I could focus on directing and producing. Handled the majority of post production.

Carhartt: Created the concept and wrote the voice over. Directed, working with a crew of 20 plus people and an actor. Post production.

(510) 717-2381